The bathroom is the one room in my house that has to be cleaned every day. I will give you an abbreviated list at the end of these instructions for a quick daily clean.

The first thing to do for the bathroom is to put everything away. All the bottles, lotions, hairbrushes and items that normally stay in the bathroom. As you are putting away the bottles, be sure to wipe them off with a damp cloth to get off any spills and messes.
Next, take a damp cloth, or some all-purpose cleaner and a cloth, and clean the baseboards, window sills, tops of the mirror and storage cabinets, top of the tile if you have tile and top of the door.

Now you can make up your cleaning solution in your sink. I like to use an all-purpose cleaner like a pine cleaner or bleach. A few drops of dish washing detergent also works well but doesn’t disinfect. You can add a little bleach to a dish detergent and water solution for a good disinfectant cleaner.
The idea is to clean the least dirty areas first to keep your cloth as germ free as possible and clean the really germy areas last.

Sprinkle abrasive cleaner or all-purpose cleaner in the tub and commode to soak.
Using a clean, soft cloth, wash the counter tops, fronts of the cabinets, walls, tile and front of the tub. Rinse out your cloth frequently.

Clean out the medicine cabinet and throw away all the old and expired medicines. Wipe down the inside of the cabinet.

Clean the bathtub next and the sink.
While you are cleaning the bathtub, be sure to clean the faucets and shower head. If the shower head is plugged up with hard water deposits, remove it and use some vinegar to soak the head in and then replace it on the shower.
Clean the floors now, there are instructions on this page for doing that.
Clean the outside of the commode. Raise the lid and clean all around the ring. Lift the tank lid and clean the wall behind it. Be sure to clean the base of the commode and lift off the plastic or ceramic bolt covers to clean them and clean under them. Odor causing bacteria can form there.
Now clean inside the commode using a scrubbie or scotch-brite that you have set aside for cleaning the bathroom. Wipe down with a cloth.

Finally, clean your mirror and window with some glass cleaner or vinegar. For a final touch, light a candle and put down a nice clean rug. You’re all done!

Check here for ideas on how to Deep Clean the Bathroom floor.