About 20 years ago I discovered the best remedy for bee stings I’ve ever used. Its called French Green Clay Powder. I bought mine from Frontier. 


Amazon carries the Frontier brand now so you can find it there. A little goes a long way. A very long way.

I used it on my husband yesterday. He got two stings from a carpenter bee while he was working on a project. He rarely treats bee stings because they just don’t hurt him very much but these two stings hurt pretty badly.

To use it you just put a little of the powder on a plate or in a cup and add water a little at a time, drop by drop pretty much. Stir it up and make a paste.

When I applied the clay and water mixture the pain was relieved immediately. The stings did not swell at all, and the pain was gone completely within minutes.

If you’ve never tried French Green Clay Powder, I highly recommend it!