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Clay For Stings

One of the best home remedies I’ve ever used is clay powder for insect stings and bites. The great thing about it is that it relieves pain and swelling almost instantly and pulls out the venom so that it will stop affecting the skin.

Now, if someone is highly allergic, using clay will help but there are still dangers associated with allergies that should be treated as usual.

Clay powder can be made at home from your local soil but the higher actual clay content the better. You will dig up a small bit of soil, dry it completely til its powdery and then to use it you make a paste with some water. It doesn’t take much water so add it a drop or two at a time.

You can also purchase French Green Clay Powder which works wonderfully as a remedy for bites and stings. I used to buy it at Frontier and I’m sure they and other outlets still sell it. I bought a pound in 1994 and still have about 1 cups of it left!

Once you apply the clay to the bites/stings, let the clay dry completely. Let it dry until it can be brushed off the area with your hand or a cloth. While it is drying you can apply more clay paste if needed but let it all dry completely before trying to remove it.

In the picture above my 2 year old granddaughter was stung 4 times by a little bee of some kind and it hurt so badly, she was inconsolable. I immediately made the clay paste, applied it to the stings and within 2 minutes it had calmed down and stopped hurting. Once it had dried and I brushed off the clay, there weren’t any signs of stings at all.

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  1. Carmela Webb

    Great remedy! I’ll be using this!
    Thank you.