I have made chicken soup today using several Healthy Harvest products. I was amazed.  A couple of weeks ago Jan LeBaron of Healthy Harvest sent me some products to review. So this week I used three of them.

Last week I used their freeze-dried blueberries in muffins and mixed with fresh peach slices. They were really fresh tasting.  This week I had several products to choose from and decided since it was rainy and chilly outside, I’d whip up some chicken soup.

Using the No-MSG Chicken Base, Freeze-Dried Chicken and Freeze-Dried Mixed Vegetables  I whipped up a delicious soup for lunch.

I added some whole wheat penne pasta and thickened the soup with Clear-jel. You could use cornstarch if you wanted to, or just leave it thin. We just like thick soup instead of thin.

The resulting soup was hot, delicious, full of chicken and veggies and really hit the spot on this wet, chilly day.

The surprising thing was the chicken. And the Chicken base. The chicken base has no MSG which is GOOD because some of us have MSG allergies and some of us just don’t want the stuff in our food. Its rare to find chicken base that actually tastes like chicken much less has no MSG. This one scores high on both points. It actually tastes good.  The recipe on the can calls for 1/2 teaspoon per cup of hot water. I used that much and then added a little more. So I probably used 1 teaspoon for every cup of water.

The chicken was really a wonder. When I opened the can, it looked like paper or styrofoam! I had never seen chicken look like that.  I was so skeptical that it would actually look like chicken again much less taste like chicken.

Surprise! Not only did the paper-like stuff plump up and look like chicken it tasted. SO. Good.  I like the fact that there is no junk added to the chicken. Its just chicken meat and nothing else.

I do heartily recommend Healthy Harvest’s freeze dried chicken, vegetables and chicken base. Yes of course, fresh is best. But I put up food all year and we eat home canned and home dried food all winter. I don’t see this as any different,  its just another way of preserving food. And its good.

Check out Healthy Harvest’s web site and all Jan LeBaron’s recipes.