Its mainly because mornings are still pretty much night-time.  I can’t eat in the mornings until maybe 10 am, usually I just skip it altogether and eat at lunch time. Seriously, I’ve had to make myself make breakfast for 5 home-educated children over the years. I loathe breakfast. My husband loves breakfast. Nice,huh?  I go to breakfast every Saturday with him its our Date Night substitute. I have forced myself to eat breakfast on that day but really, don’t even think I am going to eat it any other day. Unless its actually brunch. Maybe I just don’t like traditional breakfast foods because my friend Linda’s squash and onions sounded good for breakfast today. egg

However….. and you knew there would be one ….. However, I know that I need to make breakfast this Fall  when I go to school.  I know I will need something to eat by 10 or 11 o’clock and my child at home will need something. And the other people who leave the house in the mornings will be overjoyed if I make something. Anything. 

So in addition to the Slow Cooker recipes I am working on, I will also work on Breakfast recipes that can be eaten out of hand and taken with us.

Here are some ideas to start us off:

Granola bars – I like them. I make them using only natural ingredients. And chocolate. I make homemade Lara Bars. All you need is:

1 cup nuts
1 cup dates
1 cup other dried fruit or coconut shreds or dark chocolate
Spices to taste

Blend everything up in a food processor, pour it in a 9×11 dish that you’ve lined with waxed paper, put some more waxed paper over it and press the mixture firmly. Chill, then cut into bars. Wrap the bars individually and store in the frig. You can use organic ingredients and make these very clean. And you don’t have to use chocolate.

If you don’t use nuts you can replace them with more fruit and dates. The dates are key to keeping the mixture moist and helping it stick together. You can add up to 1 more cup of other ingredients like chocolate chips or fruit, and if it becomes loose and won’t stick together, just add more dates.

Muesli –  Ah Muesli.  Its really just raw granola.  I love, love love this recipe. I got my inspiration for making it from  I can’t make enough of this stuff, the whole family likes it, even Mr. Picky.  I can see myself putting some of this stuff in a container and taking it along with me in the mornings.

Hard boiled eggs – Meh. Not my thing. I don’t like to have egg-breath but I”ll make some for the others.

Muffins – Again, not my thing. I don’t like crumbly.  But again, I’ll make some for the others.  They like my whole wheat pineapple muffins.

Yogurt and Fruit – Well, no.  EXCEPT …. I could blend these ingredients up and drink it!  Yes, I think peaches and yogurt or other fruit and my homemade yogurt would work nicely.  I could add a little whole oats in for staying power. I’ll add a little liquid like coconut water or milk to make it a bit more straw-friendly. OOh, or berries and oats. I don’t do bananas but the other folks here will.

PUMPKIN! – Yes I do love pumpkin. I have a pumpkin oatmeal recipe that can be eaten out of hand. I also have a Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Bar that is so good… but probably too much sugar to eat very often for breakfast. Or not. Its really good with coffee.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bars

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bars

As I think of more breakfast ideas, I’ll post them here. Do you have favorite on-the-go breakfasts? What about chia seeds, anyone use them in a breakfast drink?