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Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag

Join me on December 1st  as I discuss how to build the perfect Bug Out Bag with expert Creek Stewart from Willow Haven Outdoor We’re also giving away 2 of Creek’s books, Building The Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72 Hour Disaster Survival Kit.

Creek Stewart is going to share some of his hints and tips for putting together a great bug-out bag.  We’ll discuss what kinds of food and tools you need for your bug-out bag.  We’ll also talk about what it means to Bug-In.

Creek will share his experience in this area with our listeners and talk about disaster preparation. Listen in and get some solid ideas for building your own Bug out or Bug In Bag.
Here is how to enter the drawing for one copy of Creek’s  book,  Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit. It is the first book of its kind at approximately 200 pages with 350 photos.

Go here. Follow the directions. You’re entered!

The 21st Century Homekeeper ~ December 1st

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  1. Linda

    Sylvia, I am so glad I can get your archived broadcasts. I’m looking forward to learning about the PERFECT bag. I’m just building mine.