Because of Jesus, God’s Christ,  a lot of things have changed in my life.  He has fit me for heaven and saved me from God’s wrath. God has begun to change me into the image of Christ. Those are the over-riding and most profound things that have changed in my life but there are other, smaller, but not less important things.  Here are just a few things I have noticed …….  

Because of Jesus…..

I am a better wife. His Spirit in me helps me to love unconditionally, serve joyfully and put my husband before myself, well, unselfishly.  Even when our spouses don’t behave like a Spirit filled person, we can still love them because of Jesus. When I love my husband the way I should, it also makes me a better mother.

I am a better mother.  Women, in general, are so good at nurturing and loving children. But because of Jesus, I can be secure in letting my children go  and follow His plan for them. I can discipline when needed, train in a godly fashion and lift my children up in prayer daily to a God who listens and answers.

I am a better friend. I can be more compassionate, show empathy, help, listen with love and share in both sorrows and joy. I find myself wanting to share in my friend’s work and struggles and I have the power of the Holy spirit to give me strength to do so.  Its more and more evident to me as I grow older that I must walk in His power and not my own, especially when it comes to the problems and sorrows of others that I share in.

I am a better Church member.  Because of Jesus, I can live in unity with other people, putting their welfare before my own, putting their wishes above my own, accepting godly correction and help from others and prayerfully offering godly help and advice when needed. Without Jesus, Church would be a big, ego trip for people and a huge mess of emotions and ideas. I find myself praying frequently for our pastor and the various ministries of the Church. I am excited about the ministries of others and want to offer my help wherever it is needed, and I feel JOY in doing so.

I am a better citizen.  When Christians live by the Bible as God’s Word, they find that God is all about being obedient to good laws and standing up and speaking against bad ones. I am law-abiding and I care about my country because I know that God has set all rulers and countries in their places. It is my responsibility as a citizen to pray for my leaders and my state and country and I relish the opportunity to do so.

I am a better listener. Because I have Jesus to listen to me, because I have His Word to guide me, I find that I am able to listen to others, without having to throw in my 2 cents.  I can offer godly wisdom when it is asked for, but listening is becoming a lost art and I want to listen. Because of Jesus, I see myself becoming better at listening and connecting with people.

How has Jesus changed the small things in your life?