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About That Homemade Laundry Detergent ….

I get questions frequently about how well the CHK Classic laundry soap works.  It works well, but since my children are mostly grown, I don’t often get the dirt and grime that really tests the quality of  a detergent.  Today I did get the grime and dirt! My two middle sons went hiking through hill and hollow, creek and mud. They came home with mud caked on their jeans up to the knee, muddy socks and muddy shirts.

I didn’t think to take a picture of them, but I was pleased to be able to test that laundry soap on all that grime. What I got was perfectly clean clothes and no odor at all. In fact, since the CHK Classic laundry soap is not scented (unless you choose to scent it with essential oil) the clothes had no odor at all, just the scent of clean cotton.

So I can tell you that the CHK Classic laundry soap works very well on mud, perspiration, grass stains and plain old dirt. It gets out soil and odors. It costs me less than .02 cents per load. I use 1/4 cup per load.  I run water in the washer and add the detergent before I add the clothes so it has a chance to get good and dissolved in the water.

So, for those of you who were wondering if it really works on difficult soil, I can tell you  it does. Of course you’ll have to try it out for yourself. I use a Fels Naptha bar for stain removal. Just wet the bar and rub it on the stain, works well for collar dirt, grass, blood, food and more.  The homemade detergent does not suds so you may think its not working, but it certainly works for me.  Another plus is that it rinses out of your clothing very well, not leaving detergent behind in the fabric to weaken it. Follow a load of wash with the homemade cleaner with a vinegar rinse and you will have amazingly clean clothes for pennies.

Just wanted to report my findings!


  1. mickdess

    Testimonial: My husband had a shirt and my son had a pair of pajamas that had “turned” for the worse. They kind of smelled like a wet dog after washing. Not sure why, as none of the other clothes smelled this way. Maybe it was the type of fabric… anyway, soaked them in the sink overnight with 1/2 c. of the homemade laundry soap and hot water. Washed and dried them normally using same soap the next day and now they smell new again. So, saving money two ways – cheap soap and saving stinky clothes.

    • Sylvia

      Wow! I knew this stuff was good but its nice to hear that others think so too. 🙂

  2. Lauralee

    I have been using the homemade powder laundry soap. I’m really liking it, and the fact that it saves me so much money is great!

    • Sylvia

      I know! I have a hard time realizing how much I save when I use my homemade stuff. Its kind of crazy!

  3. Cecily

    Question- “vinegar rinse”? Do you mean add vinegar to the rinse cycle? Or is there a vinegar rinse I’ve missed somehow? Also, I usually use a 1/2 c per load and I can tell you from experience, 3 small kids still at home- 2 being little girls who get food EVERYWHERE (I think they are trying to save it for later) it works very well on that too. I have noticed though, that the sooner I get to the stain the better it comes out. I do one load a day -wash, dry, fold, and put away, it keeps me on top of the laundry and gets the stains out quicker. Plus my loads aren’t so HUGE that way. 😀

    • Sylvia

      Yes, I mean adding vinegar to the rinse water. I use 1/4 – 1/2 cup.