We spend a lot of nights in the Fall outside around a fire, cooking, talking, laughing. I love these days.  The children still at home are growing up so fast that it won’t be long until its just me and Mark out there by the fire. That has a certain appeal, too.

Our yard is protected by big trees and at night its very dark, even though there are a few street lights and lights of houses nearby.  So we sit and enjoy each others company and then enjoy the sounds of the crickets, coyotes and other night sounds.

Its not expensive to spend some time outside around a campfire with your family. In fact, you don’t even have to cook anything. Sometimes we just sit and talk or play with the dogs.

Being around the fire at night seems to slow us down, helps us focus on one another. It provides quiet, no distractions except those which we can share.

Can you institute a night outside where you live?  If you can, I encourage you to start tonight.

Lydia and I had on flip flops, and yes, my toes were cold.


Emma is our Blue Heeler. She likes marshmallows.  Maybe a little too much.