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1000 Classical Books

A great resource!    

The Classical Christian Education Support Loop’s 1000 Classical Books List by grade.



  1. Nancy Libby

    This is great. I am always looking for books that I don’t have to worry about “what’s the message” or “what am I teaching my child”… just nice to have a resource as read-alouds have come into play before bedtime now. 😀 Thanks!

  2. Janet

    Thank you for this wonderful resource! I was a teacher for 27 years, but for the last three years have been home caring for my elderly mother. Now, I am reading aloud some of the classics of children’s literature to my mom, who loves books but can no longer see to read. I bookmarked this resource and will use it often. I appreciate all the things I learn from your website and PNR radio program. May God richly bless you and your ministry!

    • Sylvia

      Janet, you’re welcome! What a wonderful way to use this resource. I find myself reading the classics all summer long. Glad you’ll find the list useful. 🙂